Member Application

You too can embrace your Italian heritage and become a member of OSIA. We hope you will join us as we work for a better tomorrow - just as our ancestors came to this country, looking for a better life for us.


To be eligible for membership, one must have been born in Italy or be a descendant or spouse of one of Italian lineage. Those who have been adopted by individuals of Italian descent are also eligible for membership.

Membership Types

OSIA has three types of membership available. They are a full membership, a social membership and an "At-Large Membership". A full membership allows you to have voting rights, hold office if you choose to, become a part of your local lodge, and stay extremely active within that lodge. A social membership is provided for those who are not eligible for membership but believe in the goals of OSIA. An "At-Large Membership" is available to those who qualify for a regular full membership but, for whatever reason, do not want to attend meetings, hold any kind of office or belong to your local lodge.