Becoming a part of OSIA enables you to discuss issues specific to Italian Americans; participate in programs of Italian heritage; meet people; make contacts; and help understand the impact made by Italians to every facet of society as we know it over the centuries from the areas of exploration, science, paintings, sculptors, architecture, and culinary arts.

OSIA provides Italian Americans and their families with unique opportunities and benefits, including: scholarship opportunities at local, state, and national levels; participation in local, state, and national social, business, and political network; opportunities to join in OSIA's influential voice in domestic and international affairs; involvement in Italian American culture through lectures, films, book discussion groups, Italian language courses, and folk life programs; opportunities to participate in a variety of special events and social programs; and an outlet for volunteer energies and professional expertise.

Your membership helps OSIA:

  • Promote Italian language and culture in U.S. schools and colleges.
  • Fight the stereotyping of Italian Americans by the U.S. entertainment, advertising and news media.
  • Educate the general public about the achievements and contributions of Italian Americans in U.S. history.
  • Award scholarships to young Italian Americans at leading universities. [More than $36 million awarded to date.]
  • Assist Italian American students and young professionals with their career plans through internships, mentoring, and youth programs.
  • Donate funds to medical research, disaster relief efforts, education, cultural preservation and other important projects. [More than $80 million to date.]
  • Advocate for Italian Americans pursuing federal and state appointments, and for important legislation affecting the Italian American community.
  • Support Italian government efforts on a wide range of cultural, educational, and humanitarian activities.